Happy Fall!  (Not official yet, but starting to feel like it in the Northeast).  I wanted to share a few brief updates as Recruitment Season rushes in…

  1.  Tracking 2017-18 MATCH applicant numbers:   Nate Derhammer’s post garnered a good # of responses.  There were some 28 programs that commented – and although experiences with #s of students applying to MedPeds varied, the trend was more rather than less.   Encouraging – but as Brett Robbins noted, there are more schools without MedPeds programs than with, so we’ll have to wait for ERAS data on total #s of applicants later this month for our answer to “statistical anomaly or on-going concern?”
  2. Major Revisions:  The ACGME’s Review and Approval process anticipated a September release for the IM-Peds Major Revisions – so likely news soon.  We’ll all want to review these closely and consider the implications for our own programs; in support, the MPPDA Executive Committee will work with the Accreditation Committee to review quickly and thoroughly and identify key content that might benefit from membershipefforts to strategize how best to address and incorporate, and also areas that may benefit from being addressed by FAQs.
  3. Outreach to MPPDA Membership:  As members wrap up their program overviews for ADS and look ahead to the busy recruitment season – now seems like a window to check in with MPPDA members.  The MPPDA listserve is one resource to post questions and concerns, but may not work for every occasion or question.   And the fellowship at our national meeting is outstanding – but is only a once-a-year opportunity, and we’re looking for ways to extend and expand on that connection.  As another resource, the MPPDA Executive Committee will be reaching out to all of our programs in the coming weeks for a brief check-in.  It’s a chance to share what’s going well and also challenges – sometimes to garner ideas, sometimes to simply share the challenge and start to examine it more critically. It’s intended to be a brief and non-burdensome chance to pass along questions and concerns and to raise awareness of best-practices.
  4. Med-Peds in Chicago, September 16, 17 & 18th!  Amazing set of meetings – NMPRAs 2017 National Meeting at University of Chicago was their best attended ever, and included a growing involvement of medical students.  Amazing effort on the part of Josh Price (NMPRA President), Derek Pinkerton (incoming NMPRA President) and the entire planning and leadership team.  The raucous 50th Anniversary of Med-Peds Celebration,orchestrated by NMPRA and Faculty Advisor Allen Friedlandfeatured presentations of the NMPRA annual awards by their namesake docs, with appreciations for Drs. Onady and Schubiner as well. Also in attendance was Dr. Cutchin (first ever med-peds graduate) and Dr. Newton (fifth med-peds graduate). The AAP NCE session of the Section on Med-Peds included presentations by Niraj Sharma and Dale Newton, covering Med-Peds history and MP contributions to medicine.  The AAP SOMP asks all of us to remind our residents – if you’re an AAP member, you are an SOMP member – no charge, and whether you know it or not. (In a large NMPRA conference session, the non-response to Mike Donnelly’s query was impressive.)    And Med-Peds continued the tradition of giving back with their unique training at the Physicians Health and Wellness Booth at the AAP NCE.
  5. Regional MPPDA meetings continue apace, with recent meetings of the Northeast Sept 14, Chicago-area Midwest Sept 15, and upcoming for the mid-Atlantic September 28th (RSVPs, per the listserve announcement, to LF@jhmi.edu)
  6. MPPDA 2018 National Meeting, March 20-21, will integrate with the Academic Internal Medicine Week and APDIM, March 18-21, in San Antonio.  Workshop acceptances should be out very soon, and watch for a call for posters as well (~Sept 25-Nov3).

Sue McLaughlin, MD
MPPDA President