The Pediatric Hospitalist Symposium will bring together physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses and various other staff in the hospital setting for skills development, collaboration and networking to improve the care of children. Currently meetings focus on Emergency Department or inpatient only but there are very few opportunities for learning about the combined care unit, such as in community hospitals where care is provided for the pediatric patient by the same group starting from the newborn nursery to the ED to the inpatient floor. One focus will be on experiences in the combined care units and effective transitions/triage. A series of hands-on practical sessions, such as using bedside ultrasound for common procedures, airway management and splinting, will enhance provider skills for patient care.

This program is intended for pediatric hospitalists, pediatric nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants involved in multiple aspects of community hospital care, including pediatric urgent care, ED, and inpatient management.

Ped Hospitalist Brochure