January Updates:


Upcoming 2018 MPPDA Annual Conference, March 18-20 San Antonio.  A reminder to get your registrations in (http://www.im.org/p/cm/ld/fid=1760) and be aware that the committee meetings precede the opening session, and will happen Sunday, 3/18th from 2:30-4:30pm.  The committees are open to all – reach out to a committee chair or simply come join in and see the great work being done and shared!


Committee Updates:

The Research Committee’s annual survey has been launched!  The committee has incorporated several modules submitted by membership and have updated/added sections on chief residents, transition medicine and global health.  AAIM is assisting in administering the survey, providing support and adding an additional layer of anonymity to the data submissions.  It is open through February 12, 2018, at 5PM.  Please check for sender ‘noreply@qemailserver.com’ if you haven’t received a prompt, or reach out to Anoop Agrawal, MD, at anoopa@bcm.edu.

The Transition Committee is recruiting for programs to participate in a learning collaborative to improve transition care training.  A range of programs are needed, including those with and without transition experiences in their current curriculums.  If you are interested in participating in this effort, please fill out the form at this following link: https://goo.gl/forms/HzNu3PyZfJj3CzIi1 by March 1, 2018, and we will contact you shortly about getting started

The Curriculum Committee continues to feature a peer-reviewed curriculum to share each month –To have your “good stuff” considered for the Curriculum Corner, please submit this form and we will follow-up with you for more details.  This month we’d like to highlight a continuity clinic curriculum that was developed by Heather Toth and Julie Kolinski from the Medical College of Wisconsin.  Their innovation describes overhauling their continuity clinic curriculum, starting with the Vanderbilt Curriculum as a backbone, and then adding novel topics, but with a similar format.  The curriculum is overseen by a resident committee, which provides great resident buy-in.  Click here for more information on their continuity clinic curriculum.


Check your in-box for the ACGME survey on milestones – looking for input from MedPeds program directors (from milestones@ACGME.org)

Dear Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Program Director,

The ACGME is beginning work on the next iteration of the Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Milestones. We will begin the process for review and revision of the Patient Care and Medical Knowledge milestones. The surveys linked below are our way to ensure that all of your opinions are included  as the process begins.

We are asking you to complete both surveys and recommend you review the current Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Milestones prior to starting. There are six statements relating to each of the Patient Care and Medical Knowledge milestones, each of which asks for your level of agreement. There are also six open-ended questions, four for the other Competencies (Systems-based Practice, Practice-based Learning and Improvement, Professionalism, and Interpersonal and Communication Skills), and two general comment boxes.

Survey results will be used to determine if the current Milestone Sets should remain as they are, be edited, or be deleted. The data will also help us determine if new content should be added.

Submit responses by Friday, February 16, 2018.

Start the Internal Medicine survey

Start the Pediatrics survey

E-mail questions to milestones@acgme.org.



Member Spotlight!  (from JT Tolentino, our MPPDA Member Representative)

Laura Bishop, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine & Pediatrics Residency Program
University of Louisville

This is my second year as an APD at the University of Louisville (where I completed my medical training). I was active in the national leadership of the NMPRA and am pleased to join the MPPDA now! Outside of clinical hospitalist work, my focus is on medical education. I have spent the past three years making our Internal Medicine didactic lectures available online in open-access formats: a website, podcast and YouTube Channel – and recently launched CME-accredited lectures. Louisville Lectures (http://www.louisvillelectures.org/) has since had over a million views and we have over 100 lectures ranging from incorporating transgender mindfulness into primary care to evaluating patients for advanced heart failure therapies. This is a resident created and driven endeavor; I mentor a team of residents that are continuing this project and continuing to innovate in medical education technology. I see this as a great way for our residents to straddle two worlds with their busy (and often conflicting) schedules. My plans are to incorporate other medical disciplines in the future and expand our medical education research moving forward.