The MPPDA Accreditation Committee is an invaluable resource for helping our members to keep informed of the latest requirements from the ACGME, the American Board of Pediatrics, and the American Board of Internal Medicine. Being a combined specialty, Med-Peds training can sometimes present unique challenges to the accreditation bodies as new requirements unfold. A primary mission of the Accreditation Committee is to disseminate information and provide support to programs about upcoming changes in accreditation policies and processes. In addition, the Accreditation Committee will communicate openly with these organizations and the Residency Review Committees for Internal Medicine and Pediatrics to raise awareness of how new or changing requirements may impact Med-Peds training and to advocate for the best interest of the Med-Peds training programs.

NEW! ACGME SINGLE MED-PEDS REQUIREMENTS – In effect starting July 1, 2018

Within the MPPDA, the Accreditation Committee is charged with each of the following:

1. To facilitate newly formed Med-Peds programs through initial accreditation and the first full site visit
2. To disseminate information to Med-Peds programs about the ACGME Self-Study and Self-Study visits
3. To share informational resources and/or “Best Practices” for Med-Peds programs on addressing the concerns identified on Faculty or Resident ACGME surveys
4. To provide confidential support to Med-Peds programs in areas of improvement identified on annual program evaluations, or during focused site visits
5. To serve as a central repository for programs to record experiences with the Self-Study process
6. To collect program responses to any future revisions to the Med-Peds RRC requirements and provide guidance to the MPPDA Executive Committee on communication to the RRC with respect to the requirements
7. To provide input to the MPPDA Executive Committee on pertinent topics for the question and answer session with the RRC and Boards at our annual meeting

The Chair of the Accreditation Committee is expected to:
1. Facilitate above goals with members of the Accreditation Committee
2. Prepare and present quarterly reports to the MPPDA Executive Committee on progress and strategies for meeting objectives not currently met
3. Lead the Accreditation Committee Meeting as part of the annual National MPPDA Meeting and provide an updated report to the MPPDA membership during the meeting

Click here for Accreditation Committee Resources – Including UPDATES for the ACGME Self-Study!

The members of the 2018 MPPDA Accreditation Committee include the following:

Lori Wan, MD, University of California, San Diego
Ben Trappey, University of Minnesota
Chris Bruti, MD, Rush University
John Solomonides, MD, University of Massachuesetts
Brian Knos, MD, University of South Florida
Katie Diamond-Falk, MD, Maine Medical Center
Monica Mix, MD, Johns Hopkins University
Lenny Feldman, MD, Johns Hopkins University
Lisette Lugo, MD, University of Puerto Rico
Evangeline Galvez, MD, Mass General/Harvard University

Chair: Jane Trinh, MD, Duke University

If you are interested in joining the MPPDA’s Accreditation Committee, please contact committee chair Jane Trinh at If you have other comments or suggestions for this committee or the MPPDA, please comment below, or contact us at