MPPDA Bulletin August 2015

Happy New Year! Not accustomed to hearing this phrase in August? Neither am I… But hopefully your new academic year has had a wonderful start, new interns are settled-in and ‘old’ residents adapted to new roles/responsibilities. This year will begin a BUSY cycle for all of us in Med-Peds. Here’s a few things to put on your calendar:

Got a Green Thumb?

seedThe MPPDA is accepting applications for the MPPDA Seed Grants through September 1st, 2015. Designed to help unfunded or under-funded investigators with projects related to the mission and vision of the MPPDA , a seed grant could be just what you need to get that great idea off the ground. Grants are available for current MPPDA Members up to a maximum of $2000.00.For more information, follow the link: http://mppda.org/mppda-seed-grant-application/

New ACGME Med-Peds Regulations

acgmeDon’t panic just yet. This is only the beginning of a longer process to update our program requirements. As they begin to consider the update, the Pediatric and Internal Medicine RRCs have asked for our member input seeking recommendations for changes that should be made – additions, deletions and/or modifications. Comments regarding the NAS categorization (detail, core or outcome) for requirements are also welcome. The MPPDA will send one organizational response to this request. I am currently seeking your input to combine with questions/concerns we have raised over the last several years during our annual session with the ABMS and ACGME representatives. Please send your thoughts/comments/questions to [email protected] . Also, thanks to Jane Trinh of Duke and the Accreditation Committee for their assistance! Our response is due to the ACGME by September 1st.

Looking for Opportunities for Your Residents?

There are a lot of great opportunities for our Med-Peds graduates today. I know that Allen Friedland at Christiana Health Care and JT Tolentino at Stony Brook are searching for more wonderful faculty. Help your residents and colleagues make that connection!

Sincerely submitted,