nagleThis month’s MPPDA Member Spotlight features Dr. Alex Nagle, MD, FAAP, FACP

Current position: Program Director, Pediatrics since 10/2016; Med-Peds Hospitalist Assistant Professor Albany Medical Center

“This year has been very busy and exciting. After serving as Associate Program Director for our Med-Peds program in Albany for 4 years, I have been offered an incredible opportunity as of October 2016 to be the Program Director for our Pediatrics Residency Program. I look forward to continuing to build and strengthen both of our programs in the future.

As APD for Med-Peds these last four years, I enjoyed opportunities to not only mentor and support our residents but also develop curriculum and mentoring relationships in both of our categorical parent programs. For Internal Medicine, I am most proud of my contributions of writing the new inpatient curriculum, revamping the M&M conference (we call it Critical Case Conference so that we can also share success stories) and the faculty development curriculum we have implemented. A novel teaching program I am very excited about is PedSTAR (Scholarly Track for Advocacy and Research). Over the last 3 years I have co-created this hands-on research curriculum for the Pediatrics program. We modified an aggressive one-year model for developing, executing and presenting research into a residency-friendly 3 year experience that begins with a protected 4 week block during intern year which provides small group instruction on study design, biostats, literature searching and culminates in a completed IRB proposal followed by workshop sessions on data analysis, writing, and presenting over the following two years. Since we started PedSTAR three years ago, we have tripled our residents’ academic output. Starting academic year 2016-2017, we are incorporating additional training in Community Advocacy and Outreach to the 4 week block.

At home, my wife Camille and I have twin daughters, Violet and Charlotte, who have just celebrated their first birthday (smash cake, oh my!). In my free time I train in Judo and Jiu-jitsu (my specialty is arm bars) and enjoy reading diverse non-medical topics ranging from the Economist magazine to the comic book Hellboy. Being a Massachusetts native, I love the Red Sox (Ortiz HOF 2021!).”

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