Wow! So much to cover and a very busy time in recruitment, so I’m going to stick to bulleted points:


  • Kudos: Congratulations to MedPeds PDs recognized by the ACGME with 2017 Parker J Palmer Courage to Teach Awards:       Ben Doolittle (Yale) and Suzanne Woods (Duke)! And to MP-trained Transitional Year PD Kim Manning (Emery) – well done!


  • Revised Program Requirements: The ACGME has posted the major revision to Program Requirements for Graduate Medical Education in Combined Internal Medicine-Pediatrics. The requirements will be effective July 1, 2018. We’ll all want to review these closely, and our colleagues on the Accreditation Committee are also working on a summary highlighting key points and changes, and can serve as a resource and organizing point as we consider areas that might benefit from FAQs. See the ACGME website.



  • MPPDA Award nominations due by November 6th. Award info from Immed-Past President, Ben Doolittle:
    • Each year, we present 3 awards at our annual meeting. Please email me directly letters of nomination at In the subject line, please place the appropriate award for which you are nominating a candidate. Details can be found on our website at:
    • The Brendan Kelly Award – This award is given in honor of our dear friend who died unexpectedly in the summer of 2016 to recognize the very best of our Associate Program Directors. As many of you know, Dr. Kelly was the APD of Baystate for 18 years. He was a skilled and beloved physician and teacher, earning 19 medical student teaching awards in his career.       This award is given to an Associate Program Director who demonstrates teaching excellence, collaborative leadership, and compassionate patient care that Dr. Kelly modeled so well. Nominations will be considered for a total of 3 years.
    • The Walter Tunnessen Award – given to a 4th year Med-Peds resident who demonstrates leadership in education, clinical care, and advocacy. The details of the award can be found here.
    • Med-Peds Leadership Award – “predominant attention is given to a candidate who is outstanding in their clinical field, a national leader in med-peds, and has made a significant contribution to the education of med-peds residents, promoted student interest in training ined-peds, supported faculty development of med-peds, and supported the development and betterment of med-peds as a discipline.  The candidate is not required to be a current member of MPPDA.”       Nominations will be considered for a total of 3 years.


  • Update from the Recruitment Committee Co-Chairs Allen Friedland and Ron Magliola: (Committee updates are a new monthly bulletin feature rotating across the MPPDA committees)


    • The recruitment activities of MPPDA generally revolves around engagement of MPPDA members with local and regional student activities (e.g. interest groups, regional NMPRA meetings and clerkship rotations).  What is most difficult is sustained engagement of current interested students (1. pretty consistently up to 75 students who apply to med-peds do not rank any med-peds programs and 2.  many who do rank med-peds programs do not rank med-peds as their top specialty). Attracting new students particularly from newer medical schools, branch campuses and places that are not in close proximity geographically or academically to our 78 programs is challenging at best. It is hard to know if there are any potential role models in these regions. With that being said, up to 50% of all applicants to med-peds come from these schools that are not affiliated to med-peds programs. We don’t know if these students go into the recruitment process the same or differently from those students we know well. NMPRA has been forging with coordination of med-peds interest groups and has a resident in charge of this process.
    • Last year was another wake up call for new strategies to emerge. Anecdotally, many of us feel we are entering the 2018 season with numbers in between 2016 and 2017. (Because medical schools with an affiliated MP residency represent fewer than half of all medical schools, the anecdotal numbers may not tell the whole story — data will be available from ERAS after October 15th).  As we come off our high after celebrating our 50th anniversary as a specialty how do we think differently about recruitment?
    • Please advise the recruitment committee of fresh ideas, Allen and Ron


  • Call for posters for the 2018 MPPDA Annual Meeting in San Antonio March 19-20, 2018. The fast-approaching submission deadline is November 3rd. We are paired with AAIM (Association of Academic Internal Medicine) for our 2018 MPPDA Annual Meeting, and submissions go through their planning committee, which includes MPPDA Pres-elect Brett Robbins. Please consider submitting work you’re doing and are proud of – categories are 1. Research and 2. Program Innovation. (There will also be a section of the poster presentation space reserved for updates from our 5 committees.) Here’s the info from AAIM:


    • AAIM invites you to submit a poster abstract for the Academic Internal Medicine Week 2018, which will be held March 18-21 at the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center in San Antonio, TX
    • Abstracts should be research or programmatic innovation focused and submitted online no later than Friday, November 3, 2017.  AAIM will notify submitting authors of the status of their abstract in January 2018


  • I wanted to share an update sent by our colleagues in Puerto Rico (Co-directors Lisette Lugo and Arelis Febles, Program Coordinator Laura Quinones): We appreciate your thoughts and disposition to help us during this difficult situation. At present all hospitals where our residents rotate are working with electric power and water service available. Our residents are fine, they had some losses in their homes and personal belongings. The PR School of Medicine with Medical Associations in the island are working together trying to compensate for all of these material losses. What is important is that the residents and their families are safe and back on track on their rotations. Next Monday, October 9 all rotation schedules will be running as usual after having been changed to 24 hours duties with 48 hours free of duties. It was very good hearing from the MPPDA family concern for us. We will keep in touch! And echo the AAMC request for flexibility in anticipating possible delays in ERAS letters for some candidates from schools in PR – I know there are at least a few in the MP applicant pool this cycle.


Hoping you’re all holding up as recruitment gears up, and that faculty and residents especially in programs in Florida, Texas and PR know they’re in our thoughts and please reach out and let us know if there’s anything more concrete we can offer beyond that. All the best, Sue McLaughlin