Wow! (Again), so much to cover and a very busy time in recruitment, so I’m going to stick to bulleted points:


Committee Updates: 

  • The Curriculum Committee Update (Chair: Mike Aylward): At the MPPDA meeting we asked for people to submit Advocacy curriculum and tools as well as Clinical Assessment Tools and methods. We collected and collated this information into the “Learning Community” database. Moving forward, the plan is to “advertise” and highlight submissions to the Learning Community.  Specifically, we wanted to have a “Curriculum Corner” piece of the newsletter where we could highlight a member submission, and then also remind MPPDA members that of curricular and process (“Good Stuff”) resources that they have at their disposal, as well as the gifts, talents, and work of the other members themselves.       This month highlights a previous piece, and on-going, the chair will reach out to members with submitted pieces in advance of monthly postings in the bulletin asking for brief “intro blurbs”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Here is an example of a previous “Curriculum Corner” piece:                                                                Our inaugural highlighted curricula was submitted by Lauren Beal, the program director at LSU Shreveport. She describes a novel study plan using text messaging, called “Tuesday Texts.” The Curriculum Committee reviewers felt that idea was inexpensive, highly feasible, and offered broad range of utility. The intervention was not studied, however, so the outcomes are unknown.  You can read more about Tuesday Texts here:


  • The Research Committee (Chair: Anoop Agrawal) has opened submissions for this year’s MPPDA Annual Program Director survey.  All submissions must be sent by email no later than December 15, 2017 and addressed to: MPPDA Research Committee, Anoop Agrawal, M.D., at  A copy of the form went out on the listserve and is also attached to the list-serve posting of the bulletin.


  • The Recruitment Committee (Co-chairs: Allen Friedland and Ron Magliola) are reaching out to ERAS to access more detailed data.  The mid-October data reported 474 USMG and 459 FMG applicants to MedPeds programs.  This would represent a 15% increase in USMG from 2017 and a 3% increase over a 5 year rolling average.  There was a 7% increase in FMG from 2017, but a 15% decrease from a 5 year rolling average. ERAS data:



  • Want to follow-up on what you’ve read in the requirements and FAQs? Every year we have the opportunity to directly ask the RC and Boards clarifying questions at our annual meeting.  Please email any you would like us to consider to


  • Meeting 2018 updates from Brett Robbins!
    • 6 Wonderful workshops have been selected as submitted by MPPDA members.  You will have the opportunity to attend these, as well as any others accepted by the other AAIM constituent groups.
    • Submitted Posters and Abstracts are currently being considered. Those accepted will be notified in January.  In addition to those selected, each of the 5 MPPDA committees will be presenting their own poster displaying their work.
    • And check your inbox for an AAIM email with registration links:


  • Nominations Open for Walter Tunnessen Jr. Award~ Deadline Dec 4th, 2017
    • Recognizing Dr. Tunnessen’s dedication and gifts as an educator, clinician, and advocate for children, and strong proponent for Med-Peds residency training, the MPPDA has established this award in his honor.
    • Program directors may nominate one of their fourth year residents for this award by submitting a letter (up to two pages) describing the qualities and accomplishments of the resident in the following areas:
    • Education:  the resident should be recognized by faculty, peers, and students as an excellent teacher and role model.
    • Clinical Care:  the resident should demonstrate compassion, altruism, and outstanding communication skills with patients and families.
    • Advocacy:  the resident should show awareness of the impact that the larger community has on the health of children and adults, and should show evidence of advocacy on behalf of patients or the larger

Program Directors are invited to submit a letter of nomination to by Monday December 4th.

  • Belated congrats to Leah Millstein (APD at U Md) and residents Michael Cafarchio, PGY4, and Alissa Werzen, PGY3, on their MPPDA Seed Grant award to further develop their Transition Curriculum.
  • MPPDA Seed Grants available for members up to a maximum of $2000 each. The purpose of the MPPDA seed grants are “to develop opportunities for investigators with unfunded or under-funded research studies that pertain to the mission and vision of MPPDA and/or the practice of Medicine-Pediatrics.” There will be two cycles are year – with submission deadlines of September 1st and March 1st of each academic year. The specifics of the process of submitting a seed grant application can be found on the AAIM website by following this link:  MPPDA Seed Grant Application.

Hoping you’re all holding up as recruitment rolls on, and are as thrilled as I am to realize what a great group of students are looking to join the MedPeds community.

All the best, Sue McLaughlin