* Website:  you may have noticed some visual glitches as JT works to recover from some overseas hacks, and we are taking a hard look at how best to keep the site useful and up to date with all the challenges of time and cost constraints.  A possible solution would be to migrate more fixed material to the AAIM site and keep the open access site only items for which we want other groups to have access OR migrate that general material to an already-curated site such as NMPRA.

If there is content you find highly valuable or that could be eliminated – please weigh in – email jonathan.tolentino@stonybrookmedicine.edu, your member-representative.


*As we’re at a turnover point, it seems reasonable to refresh us all on the MPPDA Executive Committee roles – and realize the calls for nominations will be coming up quickly.  Think about whether you’d like to nominate yourself or someone else for President-Elect or Member-representative!  Reach out to any of us with questions.

President-elect: Chairs planning committee for national meeting (Mike Aylward; aylwa002@umn.edu)

President:  Leads on MPPDA strategic priorities; communicates with members via listserve; serves as primary interface with parent organizations and affiliates; coordinates responses on newly-arising issues (Brett Robbins; Brett_Robbins@URMC.Rochester.edu)

Immediate Past President: coordinates committee activities; identifies and supports MPPDA member roles in other national organizations (Suzanne McLaughlin; Suzanne_mclaughlin@brown.edu)

Past President: completion of initiatives (such as promoting regional PD meetings) and mentorship of newer program directors (Ben Doolittle; Benjamin.doolittle@yale.edu)

Secretary-Treasurer: 4 yr term as liaison with AAIM on budgeting; develop and implement strategic plan and budgeting  (Katie Diamond-Falk; diamok1@mmc.org)

Member Representative: 2 yr term as liaison between MPPDA membership and executive committee with focus on communication initiatives, including website, member-spotlights, and mentoring (JT Tolentino; jonathan.tolentino@stonybrookmedicine.edu)

AMPPA Representative: 2 yr term as liaison between Program Administrators and MPPDA; current initiatives include developing AMPPA roles on committees and AMPPA recognition award. (Kelli DaSilva; kdasilva@ghs.org)

Advisor: appointed to 1-2 yr terms by President to support initiatives and enhance expertise of executive committee efforts. (Sandi.Moutsios@vanderbilt.edu; sbrown5@med.miami.edu)

Advisors – We have worked in the past 2 years to formalize the EC advisory system with a goal of identifying specific needs and requesting expertise from individuals to join the EC for a year to support and guide the process in a more hands-on, month-to-month way than would be possible as a general member.  The advisors have typically been senior members of MPPDA and been primarily a resource for institutional memory and for expertise in admin functions.  We’re pleased to announce that Sandi Moutsios will serve as an EC advisor for the coming year with a focus on ensuring a smooth transition to a more formal role for MPPDA within AAIM’s organizational structure.

The advisor role also has potential to lend expertise to specific initiatives.  A key topic at this year’s meeting was how we foster or could best promote diversity and inclusion in our specialty.  The topic was programmed into a community session and within workshops – no surprise given the prominence of the issue and the relationship with health disparities in our country – but then became much more personal and immediate with the comments and experiences related by several members.  As I am about to undertake my past-president year, and as Brett Robbins steps into his president year, we are in agreement that we want our leadership to be more concrete in progressing on these issues.  I would envision this on two levels in the coming year.  Our sense was that it may be additionally helpful to have someone involved that is experienced with but currently one step removed from a role as PD of a medpeds program, creating space if there is anything that would be helpful to discuss but felt challenging to share with a fellow MP PD.  Secondly, I would like to use this year to review our recruiting and support mechanisms and then propose improvements to our executive committee and membership.  To this end we’re pleased to announce that Stefanie Brown, former MP PD, and current IM PD at University of Miami has agreed to rejoin us as an EC advisor for the coming year.


*Laura Edgars, Director of ACGME’s Executive Director of the Milestone Review Committee shared the results of the MP PD-specific survey of preferences for milestone reporting:  69 PDs participated with preferences of:

  • 75% “MP programs should continue to report the IM and Peds milestones once each year”
  • 23% “MP should report IM and Peds Patient Care and Medical Knowledge milestones once each year and report a single set of milestones for Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Practice-based Learning and Improvement, Professionalism, and Systems-based Practice twice each year
  • 1% “MP programs should have specialty specific milestones and report them twice a year”


*MedPeds was represented by JT Tolentino and Brett Robbins in the AAIM group responding to the ACGMEs IM2035 program requirements – adding an important Med-Peds perspective on the input submitted:  Encouraged as much focus clinically and educationally on young adults as other age groups, to facilitate transition to adult providers.


*Heads-up on new materials available from the ACGME for self-study (thanks for Jane Trinh, Accreditation Committee Chair)

ACGME News: Department of Field Activities

>>Self-Study and 10-Year Accreditation Site Visit Updates

The Department of Field Activities has made updates to the ACGME Self-Study and the Site Visit web pages.

The most significant change entails transitioning to a single form for the Self-Study Summary. In addition, there were minor revisions to the Summary of Achievements. All core and subspecialty programs will now use the same Self-Study Summary form. Programs that already completed earlier versions of the Self-Study Summary or the Summary of Achievements can still upload those forms into ADS.

The feedback form sent to programs after the 10-Year Accreditation Site Visit has been shortened to reduce redundancy and enhance value.

E-mail questions to Associate Director, Field Activities Andrea Chow.

>>Site Visit FAQ Updates
The Site Visit FAQs have been updated, including information about the Self-Study and the 10-Year Accreditation Site Visit.

E-mail questions to Associate Director, Field Activities Andrea Chow.


*Expecting some updated FAQs for any questions directed to PDs during recruitment about the Pediatric Hospitalist requirements:

Wanted to update you that Weijen said the SOHM MedPeds subcommittee is already working to create these FAQs – targeting an August release date.  Jamie Macklin at Nationwide Childrens was leading the effort.


*NMPRA reminders:  Please start identifying strong residents to nominate for your NMPRA program representative roles!  And the NMPRA National Meeting will be Nov3rd in Orlando, paired with the AAP NCE, Nov 2-6th, with the Section on MedPeds scheduled for Sunday, Nov 4th.


*Our 2019 MPPDA national meeting will be held in New Orleans and paired with the APPD, March 26-29th.  Watch for calls for workshops and abstracts in the Fall.


It has been an honor and education to serve as MPPDA President this past year.  MPPDA has played an active role in ACGME, AAIM and ABMS initiatives and I hope you feel we’ve worked to have your voices heard.  We’ve moved to more integrated annual meetings with our categorical partners and are working to strengthen our connections with other national organizations sharing our goals.  Regional meetings, opportunities to serve on committees, other mentorship efforts and seed grants are some of the ways we’re trying to ensure the support of MPPDA is truly felt by both new and long-standing members.   There is – always – room to do better and I am optimistic about our advisors and initiatives.  I love my job because of the diversity of patients we get to interact with, the breadth of involvement our training allows us, and the community of bright and committed residents, staff and educators I get to work with locally and nationally.  I continue to be grateful for the voice MPPDA gives us and the support it offers to help us do this job well.  I look forward to finishing my term on the executive board and remaining an involved member.   Please don’t hesitate to reach out with your ideas and concerns, Suzanne McLaughlin