Membership Criteria

MPPDA membership is open to approved US internal medicine-pediatrics residency programs.  Programs may be represented by program directors; associate and assistant program directors; program coordinators and administrators; and other key faculty.

Membership Dues for FY 2014*

  • Program (program director representative only) – $225
  • Additional Representatives – $75

*The fiscal year is July 1, 2013, to June 30, 2014.

Membership Application

To join MPPDA, complete a new member application and fax or mail it to the MPPDA office.

MPPDA has 201 members representing 75 internal medicine-pediatrics residency programs.

Members include:

  • 75 Program Directors
  • 126 additional physicians and program administrators

Membership data as of 6/30/13

For more information on our membership and organizational structure, please see our MPPDA AAIM website.