The curriculum committee has been collecting curricular tools for the med-peds community to share.  At the meeting last spring, the curriculum committee created a process for members to easily share tools or strategies or ideas for med-peds curricula.  They also discussed creating a system to choose one tool to be highlighted every so often (that is, in the way that we highlight a member periodically  – we could highlight a tool for med-peds PDs). While the curriculum committee is still working out the process for reviewing and scoring tools that are submitted, we wanted to share what has been submitted already, and publish an easy on-line process for your future submission.

This list contains tools, authors, contact info, and the scoring rubric the committee will be using to assess tool that are submitted. Those scores will not be kept on this document; the numbers on the first tool are put there to serve as an example.

MPPDA Curricular Resources:  Master Google Document

If you would like to contribute to this project, you can use the following On-line Submission Form:This link takes you to a learning community site where you can sign up with only your name and e-mail and submit your curricular tool, strategy, or idea to the list above. Think about what you have created or developed that has been helpful to you that you would be willing to share with the Med-Peds community.

As we continue to build on this project, you may still find some existing tools in the MPPDA curriculum toolbox on the AAIM website that has housed a variety of tools compiled by the curriculum committee from years past.  The AAIM Toolbox page also has some valuable resources, including some to help prepare for the  Next Accreditation System.  The APPD Curriculum Share Warehouse is another useful resource for finding and sharing curricular and evaluation tools.

In the near future, materials relevant to each committee will be linked to the individual committee pages.  Our goal is to make it as simple and direct as possible for MPPDA Members to request and share information and resources.  Please let us know what tools you would like to have, or if you have useful tools you would like to share with the membership you may send them to the webmaster at [email protected].