Committee Overview

The Medicine-Pediatrics Program Directors Association is committed to the development of educational programs and assessment strategies to prepare trainees to care for patients across the lifespan continuum independently. A core component of this vision is to support the advancement of academic medicine through innovation, education, service, and research. As such, the MPPDA Executive Committee (EC) supports the development of relevant Committees to achieve these goals and maintains oversight of the Committees to ensure the mission of MPPDA is fulfilled. Committees are composed of members from MPPDA, which includes Program Directors, Associate Program Directors, faculty affiliated with MPPDA, and Program Administrators. Committee members external to MPPDA may be appointed to serve on committees when appropriate. Each committee has a designated Chair who will be selected by the MPPDA EC. The Committee Chair is responsible for the direct oversight and management of the committee tasks and reports to the MPPDA Immediate Past-President. The term length for a Committee Chair is two (2) years. Terms are renewable pending review and approval by the MPPDA EC. In the unlikely event that a Committee Chair is not felt to be achieving the outlined responsibilities, term lengths may be shortened and/or a new Committee Chair appointed by the MPPDA EC.

Core Expectations of Committee Chairs

1. To report to the Immediate Past-President semi-annually to update the EC on the progress of the Committee (September, February)
2. To maintain oversight of the Committee outline a process plan to ensure the effective functioning of the Committee.
3. To maintain an active list of the committee members and their contact information that will be shared with the Immediate Past-President semi-annually (September, February).
4. To work closely with the MPPDA EC to identify the initiatives that will be pursued so as to maintain congruence between the strategic goals and mission of MPPDA with that of the Committee.

Our current Committee Chairs are as follows:

Michael Aylward, Curriculum Committee

Jane Trinh, Accreditation Committee

Anoop Agrawal, Research Committee

Alice Kuo , Transitional Care Committee

Allen Friedland, Recruitment Committee

If you would like to learn more about MPPDA Committees, please comment below or contact us at [email protected].