Med-Peds Learning Community

The primary focus of the curriculum committee has been the development of a Med-Peds Learning Community. The ultimate goal of the learning community is to connect programs and people with ideas and innovations with those that are looking to innovate. In addition to content, the learning community will leverage the strongest resource within the MPPDA, it’s membership, toward improving Med-Peds education at a national level.

The first stage of the Learning Community will be a curated database of ideas and innovations from the MPPDA community.  We call this “Good Stuff.”  More precisely:

Good Stuff (n): any curricula, processes, policies, or innovations that a program has developed to further the education of their residents, develop their faculty, respond to internal or external mandates, fix problems, or otherwise streamline operations

We’ve created a “Good Stuff” loop:

  • If you have Good Stuff that you’d like to share, go to our On-line Submission Form, and share.  It will be automatically posted to the Learning Community Database.
  • If you’d like to see some of the great things people in the MPPDA community are doing, go to the Learning Community Database and browse.  Feel free to contact anyone on that list of insights into how they did what they did.


To learn who we are and what we do: Curriculum Committee Membership Information

To learn more about resources and the processes we are developing:Curriculum Toolbox





As always, if you have information or ideas you would like to share with this committee or the MPPDA, please comment below, or email us at [email protected].