One of the most unique and important clinical niches that Med-Peds practitioners provide is in caring for youth with special health care needs as they transition into adulthood.  The MPPDA Transitional Care Committee is charged with providing Med-Peds program directors nationwide with the best available resources and clinical guidelines for educating Med-Peds residents in transitional care.  There are many Med-Peds residency programs nationwide with specially designed curricula, lectures series, educational blocks, and even ambulatory care centers devoted to improving care for youth with special health care needs.  The MPPDA Transitional Care Committee seeks to identify and share these resources with all Med-Peds programs.

Within the MPPDA, the Transitional care committee is charged with each of the following:

  1. Cataloging educational, clinical and quality improvement activities of MPPDA members involving the effective transition of care from the pediatric to adult care setting.
  2. Disseminating transitional care curricular material generated within the MPPDA as well as from external resources for the benefit of Med-Peds resident education
  3. Keeping a list of active committee members for yearly submission to the Executive Committee for documentation of participation
  4. Preparing and presenting quarterly reports to Executive Committee.
  5. Attending the Transitional Care Committee Meeting at the annual National MPPDA Meeting.

Click here for materials from the National Alliance to Advance Adolescent Health  and here for Additional Transitional Care Materials from the 2013 MPPDA Meeting Transitional Care Elective Workshop.

The Members of the 2014 Transitional Care Committee include the following:

Greg Ozark, MD Loyola University of Chicago

Brett Robbins, MD University of Rochester

Rita Rossi-Foulkes, MD University of Chicago

Niraj Sharma, MD Brigham and Women’s/Boston Children’s

Reed VanDeusen, MD  University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Kristen Wong, MD, Rutgers University

If you are interested in joining the MPPDA’s Transitional Care Committee, please contact committee Chair Alice Kuo.  If you have other comments or suggestions for this committee or the MPPDA, please comment below, or contact us at [email protected].