MPPDA Members,

Below are links to the materials from this year’s national MPPDA Meeting in Orlando, FL.  Click here for the full 2015 APPD/MPPDA Program and CME information.

MPPDA Pre-course Materials
Tuesday – March 24, 2015
Orlando, FL – Swan and Dolphin Resort

Welcome and Introductions
JR Hartig, MPPDA President-elect
University of Alabama – Birmingham

Workshop 1: Setting Expectations – Adult Learning and Engagement
JR Hartig, MPPDA President-elect
University of Alabama – Birmingham
Worksheet A, Worksheet B, Time Out Sheet

Workshop 2: Program Director Skill Development:
1.0 – Developing Skills to be Most Effective as a Med-Peds Program Director (Designed for PDs in the job 5 years or less)
Alda Gonzaga, MPPDA Secretary- Treasurer
University of Pittsburgh
Lauren Beal, Med-Peds Program Director
Louisiana State University

2.0 – Succession Planning – Getting your Med-Peds House in Order
(Designed for PDs in the job >10 years)
Jimmy Stewart, Med-Peds Program Director
University of Mississippi

Workshop 3: Creating a Med-Peds Program Director Textbook
Introduction, background, and purpose
Sandi Moutsios, Med-Peds Program Director, Vanderbilt University and MPPDA President

Breakout/Brainstorming Groups
Facilitated by MPPDA Executive Committee Members


MPPDA Committee Meeting Materials and Minutes
Accreditation Committee
Chair- Ben Doolittle, Yale University
Curriculum Committee
Chair- Mike Aylward, University of Minnesota
Recruitment Committee
Chair – Allen Friedland, Christiana Care
Research Committee
Co-Chairs – Mike Aronica, University of Buffalo and Anoop Agrawal, Baylor College of Medicine
Transition Committee
Chair – Alice Kuo, University California, Los Angeles

MPPDA Poster Session


MPPDA Annual Meeting Materials
Wednesday – March 25, 2015
Orlando, FL Swan and Dolphin Resort

Welcome and Introductions
JR Hartig, MPPDA President-elect
University of Alabama – Birmingham

Presidential Address
Sandi Moutsios, MPPDA President
Vanderbilt University

Presentation 1: Discussing National Data on Med-Peds

Collective SWOT analysis data from Med-Peds program
Russ Kolarik, MPPDA Immediate Past President
University of South Carolina – Greenville

MPPDA Hospitalist Survey Results
Jen O’Toole
University of Cincinnati

What Med-Peds Docs Do: Data from the AAP Workforce Study
Michael Donnelly
Georgetown University

The Next Big Thing: MPPDA Research Committee Graduate Workforce Survey
Anoop Agrawal, MPPDA Research Committee Co-chair
Baylor College of Medicine

Presentation 2:  Med-Peds Clinical Competence Committees: The input, the output, and what goes on inside
Mike Aylward, MPPDA Curriculum Committee Chair
University of Minnesota

Nate Derhammer
Loyola University – Chicago

Andy Brinn
East Carolina University

Keynote Address:  Why Med-Peds? – Creating Your Med-Peds Elevator Speech
Brad Benson, Director, Division Internal Medicine
Co-Author, Pediatrics Milestones Project
Former President MPPDA
University of Minnesota

MPPDA Business Meeting

Organization Updates:
MPPDA Secretary-Treasurer Report
Alda Gonzaga, MPPDA Secretary-Treasurer
University of Pittsburgh

NMPRA Update
Tristan McPherson, NMPRA President
Vanderbilt University

AAP Section Update
Allen Friedland, Chair, AAP Section on Med-Peds
Christiana Care

AMPPA Update
Kelly Barnes, Chair, AMPPA
Maine Medical Center

Awards Presentations:
Walter Tunnessen, Jr. Award and Leadership in Med-Peds Award
Russ Kolarik, Presenter
MPPDA Immediate-past President

MPPDA Election Results
Michael Lukela
MPPDA Past President

Committee Reports:
Ben Doolittle, Chair, MPPDA Accreditation Committee
Yale University

Mike Aylward, Chair, MPPDA Curriculum Committee
University of Minnesota

Allen Friedland, Chair, MPPDA Recruitment Committee
Christiana Care

Research : Program Director Survey Results
Mike Aronica, Co-Chair, MPPDA research Committee
University of Buffalo

Anoop Agrawal
Co-Chair, MPPDA Research Committee
Baylor College of Medicine

Alice Kuo, Chair, MPPDA Transition Committee
University California, Los Angeles

Panel Discussion with the ABIM, ABP, and the ACGME
Gail McGuiness, Executive Vice-President, ABP, Presentation – ABP Pass Rates
Furman McDonald, Vice President for Graduate Medical Education, ABIM, Presentation – ABIM Pass Rates
Caroline Fischer, Executive Director, Pediatric RRC
Jerry Vasilias, Executive Director, Internal Medicine RRC

Structured Annual Networking
Facilitated by Jen O’Toole
Small group lead by the MPPDA Executive Committee
(Small groups discussions – framed from the groups from the pre-course)

President-Elect Address
JR Hartig, MPPDA President Elect
University Alabama Birmingham